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preventive maintenance
preventive maintenance
preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Avoids Unexpected



Preventive Maintenance is a routine maintenance performed on your equipment to prevent unexpected equipment failure.   


Reactive Maintenance refers to repairs on your equipment once it has already broken down.


Simple Steps to Setting Up a Preventive Maintenance Program




The first thing you want to do is set up a plan on what your company wants to accomplish.  For example, some manufacturing companies focus on improving work efficiency.  The benefit of this, would be reducing equipment downtime, processing orders on time and being able to maximize their production time. Other companies focus on regulating compliance on their equipment to pass inspection and to expand the longevity of it.

Inventory All Equipment

Make a inventory list of all your equipment by identifying which ones are valuable or critical to your company.  By doing so, take into consideration what equipment failures would have the most impact to production, fulfilling customers orders and costly repairs.  These would be your highest ranking equipment. Also, write down the Make/Model, Serial Numbers, Specifications, Asset Identification Numbers and Fixed Location.  Finally, document the current condition of your equipment. 

Create A Preventive Maintenance Program

Once your company has decided on what they want to accomplish and they have created a inventory list, now it's time to customize your preventive maintenance program.  We will work along your side to create the perfect program that suits your companies needs and budget.  From cleaning your coils, fan blades, etc. to  checking your Refrigerant levels, examine all parts for wear and tare, etc.  depending on your needs we can schedule Monthly, quarterly, twice a year and yearly programs.

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